Things to Do During Surgery Recovery Period

After any type of surgery, it is very important to get plenty of rest. Unfortunately, as you are resting on the couch or in your bed, boredom may strike. In order to beat the boredom, Dr. Wigoda has compiled a list of some things to do after surgery at home, regardless of how long your surgery recovery period is.

Read. The most obvious things to do after surgery is read. You can choose from a variety of pieces to read from, including the wonderful fantasy novel you have been wanting to dive into, or the stack of Cosmopolitan magazines that get mailed to your house and sit on your coffee table as “decoration”. If magazines do not interest you while you are in your surgery recovery period, try occupying your time by reading To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, or any other American classic novel.

Write or Start a Blog. Getting out all of your thoughts is a different way to be productive during your surgery recovery period. You would be surprised at all of the content you can produce if you actually jot down your thoughts and ideas when they come to your mind.

Stream Media. When you subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, you can watch the entire series with 11 seasons of that show you have had no time to watch in your busy life. You can find a list of the new, top-rated shows on Rotten Tomatoes, or Dr. Wigoda suggests watching an older series that is previously known to be successful.

Color. There are a handful of different adult coloring books that you can choose from and spend your time coloring during the surgery recovery period. These coloring books come with very intricate designs that take a great length of time to color. Coloring not only eases the mind like therapy, but is also a great excuse to ditch the technology.

Spend Time on Pinterest. By time, we mean very carefully. It is easy to spend hours and hours on Pinterest. This site allows for you to create collections of your favorite ideas on differently labeled boards. Pinterest is guaranteed to occupy a great amount of time, and is one of our favorite things to do after surgery.

Go Outside. If your post-op directions forbid you from being exposed to sunshine, make sure you are getting outside and breathing in fresh air. Being cooped up in the house can take a toll on the body, especially after surgery. If you are permitted to go into the sun, the vitamin D is guaranteed to get your endorphins flowing, which will make you feel great again. Regardless of how long or how little of exposure your body may get when you go outdoors, always put on sunscreen with a great SPF!

With a bit of thought and future planning, you can make the most of the surgery recovery period after you return home. With the best plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Dr. Wigoda, you can bet that your recovery time will be as minimal as possible!

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