A philosophy of practice

Dr. Wigoda Plastic Surgery

Dr. Wigoda has always believed in treating his patients in the fashion that he would like to be treated. Because of this, Dr. Wigoda likes to take the time to get to know each patient as well as possible. It is important for him to learn the patient’s background, interests, and goals. He feels it is crucial to develop rapport with a patient based on mutual respect, communication, and honesty. Educating the patient about their surgery is a primary goal in his practice. Although plastic and reconstructive surgery often deals with just one part of the body, Dr. Wigoda feels strongly in trying to get to know the entire patient.

Dr. Wigoda believes that as a physician, he must do no harm. As such, it is very important to evaluate the general health of each patient to make sure that they are good candidates for whichever surgery they are pursuing. The safety of the patient is of utmost importance and takes precedence over anything else. Dr. Wigoda’s goal is to keep his patients as happy as possible and to strive to do so in all instances.

Financial Options

Plastic Surgery Center in Fort Lauderdale

The Aesthetics Institute works with different Financial Institutions that can help you afford the procedures you need. When making an appointment to see Dr. Wigoda, ask us about your options for financing the procedure you are interested in. We will be happy to help you apply to the financial institutions we work with.

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