Breast Implant Safety: Risks and Information

Although major strides have been taken to ensure that cosmetic surgery is both safe and reliable, patients still worry about breast implant safety. If you have found a reputable board certified plastic surgeon, they should have the experience, skills and tools to perform a breast augmentation procedure with safety at the forefront, leaving patients with less worry. However, very few plastic surgeons are skilled in performing the painless breast implant procedure that Dr. Wigoda offers his patients.

Breast implant safety has drastically improved over the years, and the procedure itself is safer than it has ever been. Advances in medical technology have ensured the popularity and growth of the cosmetic surgery industry. Chances are, if you are looking for cosmetic surgery in Fort Lauderdale or Miami, you are aware of how popular the procedure is and most likely know numerous people who can attest to breast implant safety.

Breast Implant Surgery Risks

As with any surgery, there are risks involved in breast augmentation procedures. However, technological advances have minimized the majority of risks. Today’s breast implant surgery risks are typically associated with a patient’s pre-existing conditions.

Breast Implant Safety and Cancer

This is a very common misconception, and the overwhelming evidence points to the fact that breast implants do not cause cancer. There have been countless studies proving this claim to be false and if breast implants did cause cancer, the procedure would surely have been banned years ago.

Breast Implant Leaks

Breast implants may rupture.  If a saline implant ruptures it will deflate completely, usually within two to three weeks, and it will be obvious. If a silicone implant ruptures, the patient and often the doctor will not be able to tell. The breast may look and feel exactly the same with a rupture as it did without. With today’s “gummy bear” implants, the silicone gel typically stays within the shell of the implant and doesn’t go anywhere, allowing ruptures to not be harmful. Since the patient will not get sick or feel pain, the best way to diagnose a ruptured implant is with an MRI. For silicone breast implant safety, periodic MRIs are recommended by the FDA; if the implant is ruptured, it should be replaced.  There are no links to leaks causing any serious diseases or illness.

breast implant safety tips

Breast Implant Pros:

61% of women who underwent breast implant surgery said that they have a more active sex life and the quality of sex had increased by 34%.

– Almost 1 million women have had breast implant surgery in the last three years.

– 85% of women say that their breast augmentation was an extremely positive life decision.

– Over the last 15 years, the average bra size of women in the United States has increased from 34B to 36C due to breast augmentation surgery.

– 62% of breast implants are silicone, while 38% are saline.


Breast implant safety is a typical and an understandable concern for patients who are not knowledgeable on the procedure or plastic surgery industry. However, expert plastic surgeons like Dr. Wigoda are extremely cautious and have the patient’s safety and concerns first of mind. Modern day cosmetic surgery is nothing like it was 15 years ago; the industry has evolved and the techniques and technologies have been refined to be more precise and safe. If you have any questions regarding the breast augmentation procedure or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us today!

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