Everything You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation Scars


Breast augmentation scars are a natural part of the painless breast implant procedure and unfortunately, scars are permanent. However, there are ways to achieve minimal scarring, as well as a few other important facts that everyone should know about breast augmentation scars.

During a painless breast implant procedure, Dr. Wigoda will make the incision in one of three locations on your body; the location of the incision is chosen based on your body structure, as well as your goals.

  • Underneath the breast, right in the crease
  • Around the lower edge of the areola
  • In the center of the armpit

Each incision location has its own advantages and disadvantages, and some of the incision locations are better for scarring than others. Locations for the incisions are dependent on a number of factors. If you worry about breast augmentation scars, discuss this with Dr. Wigoda and ask for alternatives to lessen the likelihood of visible scars after your painless breast implant surgery. Be aware that regardless of the scar location, it will take up to a year for the scar to “mature” and to be able to see what the final appearance will be.

For example, opting for the incision to be made in the armpit area will minimize scarring and lessen the visibility of the scar, as it will be difficult to see since your arms are primarily down throughout the day. However there are some disadvantages to this incision site that Dr. Wigoda will discuss with you including the possibility of nerve damage to your inner arm causing numbness.

Scars will always appear worse in the weeks after surgery, so it is important to remember that they will fade more with time.

Breast Augmentation Scar Management

You can manage and even lessen the visibility of breast augmentation scars with a few simple tricks and products. It is important to discuss this with Dr. Wigoda beforehand, to be sure that these creams will not interfere with your recovery.

  1. Use oils and creams and massage the area around the scar. Ask your plastic surgeon before buying creams. There are creams made specifically for scar treatment; like Mederma and Neova DNA Total Repair.
  1. You can also use natural creams and oils to repair scars. Try using shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and tea tree oils.
  1. Use sunscreen and do not expose the scar to sunlight. If you expose a scar to sunlight it will darken and make the scar more visible.
  1. Silicone gel sheeting works too. The same substance you may have elected to use for your painless breast implants will also assist in preventing scars. These pads can be placed on your scar and like a bandage and will manage the breast augmentation scars for you.

Scarring as a result of breast implants is not the only concern that patients have. Dr. Wigoda explains the 3 most common concerns after breast implants, will help shed light on the procedure and answer any questions that you may have.

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