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Dr. Wigoda
Other Surgeons
Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
Re-board certified after 10 years
Member, American Society of Plastic Surgery
Chief of Plastic Surgery at Level One Trauma Center (Broward General Hospital)
In private practice for over 16 years
Owner of his own practice
Operates in his own accredited surgery center
Thousands of happy patients
Expert in cosmetic surgery
Zero lawsuits
Zero disciplinary actions
Zero major complications
Zero patient deaths
Also does major reconstructive surgery procedures
Does complicated surgeries of the hand including replantation
One of only a few fellowship trained microsurgeons in south florida
Featured on local news stations for miraculous surgeries
Often does free reconstructive procedures as a way to give back to community
One of the busiest plastic surgery practices in south florida
On staff at 3 local hospitals (Broward General, North Broward, Holy Cross)
Trained at the #1 plastic surgery residency program in the country
Ranked in top 5% in nation as a resident on national exam
Completed additional year of fellowship training
Passed oral and written board exams the first time taken
Board certified plastic surgeon by age 32, one of the youngest ever
Revolutionary technique for breast augmentation to minimize pain
Well respected by colleagues and competitors
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