How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?

If you have never had cosmetic surgery and are considering getting breast implants, then you may be under the impression that the procedure costs a lot of money. It is true that in the past, all cosmetic surgeries were a lot more expensive due to less demand and fewer surgeons offering the procedures as compared to today. Technology also had a major impact on the cost of breast augmentation surgery. The most common concern for those who were considering breast implants was the safety of breast augmentation procedures.

Since cosmetic surgery is more common these days, finding quality and affordable breast implants is not as tricky as you may think. Breast implant costs are reliant on the following factors.


The Cosmetic Surgeon.

Breast implant surgery may cost less than what it did a few decades ago, and the procedure is safer than ever, but as a patient, it is up to you to research and verify that the cosmetic surgeon you choose to perform the procedure has the skills and tools to provide you with the best breast augmentation possible. It may be tempting to select a plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale that is cheaper, but keep in mind that price can reflect the reputation, training, experience, and demand of a cosmetic surgeon. The best cosmetic surgeon may not have the cheapest breast implant cost.  The “cheap” surgeons are typically looking to do a volume business, which will affect how much time and effort they have for each patient. Do you want your surgeon rushing through your surgery because he did not charge you enough and he has too many surgeries to do that day?

The Surgery Center.

It is crucial to research not only your surgeon, but the center where the surgery is taking place. South Florida is notorious for having cosmetic surgery centers that offer cheap prices. One way that they are able to offer these prices is by cutting corners when it comes to your safety. They may not have the latest equipment, medications, etc., and just as important, they hire surgeons and anesthesiologists who are willing to be paid less because their skills may not be up to par. Many of these centers have multiple lawsuits and even patient deaths that new patients should be aware of. Many of their doctors have multiple lawsuits, disciplinary actions, and/or loss of licenses in other states, etc. The bottom line is, if the prices are significantly less than those charged by reputable centers, they are cutting corners somewhere and those cuts will affect our safety and possibly, your results.

The Breast Implant Procedure.

Today, breast implants cost significantly less than they did back in the 90’s. Breast implant costs will depend not only on the plastic surgeon that you choose, but also the type of implants and the procedure’s techniques, which will vary from surgeon to surgeon. The following are all factors of the breast implant procedure that may affect costs:

  • Saline or Silicone
  • The type of implant: round or tear drop, etc.
  • The present state and examination of your breasts prior to surgery (a breast lift will increase costs)
  • The technique and technology involved (varies among surgeons);

Ultimately, you will not know the true cost until after your consultation. The cost of breast implants should not be the determining factor when selecting a doctor to do the procedure. Your choice should be based on the experience, technique, and reputation of your cosmetic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale.  If you choose the cheaper plastic surgeon and end up with a bad breast augmentation, it will cost you much more in the long run to get if fixed. Worst of all, corrective plastic surgery will likely not be as aesthetically pleasing as it would have been if the breast implant procedure was done correctly the first time.

Dr. Wigoda has been performing painless breast implants for over seventeen years, and his cosmetic surgery center is renowned for patient comfort and recovery. With that in mind, it is recommended that when researching cosmetic surgeons in South Florida that you also consider how dedicated they are to providing excellent care.


Red Flags

Be wary of cosmetic surgeons that advertise cheap breast implants, or those who offer extreme discounts on cosmetic surgery. Not all discounts are inherently bad, but if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is and you will not be happy with the results.

Pay attention to the motives of your cosmetic surgeon when you are at the consultation. Cosmetic surgery consultations should be a meeting of the minds; meaning that your doctor should be discussing options with you that ensure you are getting what you want, while maintaining a level of safety and comfort.

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