Items You May Need at Home Post Surgery


Regardless of what type of surgery you had, assistive equipment and post-surgery aids are extremely helpful and beneficial to your recovery. Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda, says that the healing process includes refraining from activities that involve lifting, bending, reaching, or jumping for quite some time, depending on the operation. It is also important to be cautious in regards to getting back into your exercise routine and other physical activities. Because your bodily movements and actions are going to be limited, your Miami plastic surgeon has compiled a short list of necessary post-surgery aids to make everyday activities less difficult after your operation.

Electric Recliner – For tummy tuck patients, Dr. Wigoda will recommend an electric recliner as an item that can help make the recovery process easier at home. Electric recliners for tummy tucks can be rented for less than $150 per week, and you should only need it for about a week. Since everyone heals differently, you can rent an electric recliner according to your personal needs.

Comfortable Pillows – To comfortably recover from your surgery, you are going to need a pillow that can help you feel as comfortable as possible. If you know you are going to be spending a great amount of your time in bed or on the couch post-op, a firm, comfortable pillow will do wonders for the level of relaxation and sleep you will get. Consider a body-pillow, or even a pillow that mocks a lounge chair to keep you propped up and in a comfortable position. If you are laying down on a long couch or while in bed, use a pillow to prop your legs up to maintain that comfortable position, and a pillow behind you to keep you slightly upright so that it is easier to get up if you need to.

Long Handled Loofah – Bathing and showering are problematic after surgery. Getting a long-handled bath sponge allows for you to bathe and wash yourself without straining or twisting your body uncomfortably.

Post-surgery aids are meant to make your recovery process more convenient. They are meant to increase your mobility and protect you from straining and hurting yourself, which can cause post-op complications. Post-op aids offer freedom of movement that help decrease the dependence you would otherwise have on your family and friends.

Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda, suggests purchasing and investing in post-surgery aids long before your operation. Some of the devices are covered by insurance, so check with your insurance plan to find out which devices are covered before you buy them. Others can be rented from medical supply stores.

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