Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure which enhances the size, shape, and appearance of the buttock using the patient’s own fat cells. The BBL procedure will lift the buttocks to a higher position, add volume, enhance its shape and firmness, and accentuate the body’s curves. Brazilian butt lifts have become a very popular procedure over the past few years for two reasons: 1) both women and men have begun to pay more attention to the size and shape of the buttock; and 2) surgical techniques have drastically improved which give surgeons the ability to consistently achieve great results. Previously, the only option to enhance the buttock was an implant. While good results could be achieved at times with an implant, the results were not consistent and the complication rates were relatively high. More recently, techniques to transfer fat from one area of the body where there is too much fat, to another area where there is not enough fat, have improved dramatically.

When undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, the patient’s buttock is augmented and reshaped using the patient’s own fat cells. The fat is obtained through liposuction, typically of the abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, and/or upper arms. The ideal candidate has enough excess fat in these areas such that there is enough fat to enhance the buttock. The ideal candidate is often 10 to 20 pounds above their ideal body weight and has lost fat in their buttock, never had much fat in the buttock to begin with, or just wants to enhance the size of their “average size” buttock. Some patients will be asked to gain weight prior to the procedure to increase the amount of fat that can be suctioned and then transferred.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure not only enhances the size and shape of the buttock, but reduces the excess fat in all areas that are liposuctioned, providing for a much more sensual and sexy appearance, not just from the back, but from the front and sides as well. The fat that is suctioned is treated in a special way so that when it is injected back into the buttock, it has the highest chance of survival. Fat that survives will be permanent. We know that some of the fat will not survive, but in most patients, the majority of the fat does survive as long as patients are compliant with their post-operative instructions. The incisions made for both the liposuction and the reinjection of the fat are quite small and often hidden. Scars are usually minimal with the BBL procedure.

A Brazilian Butt Lift will give your figure an added boost and increase your self-confidence. Patients often wonder how fat that is removed will survive in another part of the body. When fat is removed, it loses its blood supply. When it is transferred to the buttock, the fat cells need to gain a new blood supply. If they are able to gain a blood supply, they will survive forever. If they don’t, the fat cells will die and disintegrate over a period of a few months. The contents of the fat cells will be absorbed by the body. One cause of fat cells dying is too much pressure. For this reason, patients are asked to minimize any pressure on their buttock for the first 6 weeks. This means avoiding sitting on the buttock or laying on the back, as much as possible. If patients have to sit, they need to sit on a pillow and sit for the least amount of time as possible. Patients cannot exercise for at least one month. Final results will not be seen for up to 6 months. If patients gain weight, the fat cells that were transferred and survived will also get larger, potentially increasing the size of the buttock. The amount of fat that does survive will vary with each patient and depends on the quality of their fat, the surgeon’s technique, and the patient’s compliance with avoiding pressure on the newly grafted fat cells in the buttock. Patients often wonder what the buttock will feel like. Because fat is soft, the buttock will still feel soft although it will be more firm, something patient’s want. Once the swelling has disappeared and the fat has stabilized, the buttock will feel natural.

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