The Difference Between Silicone and Saline Breast Implants


If you are looking into a breast augmentation procedure, one of the greatest decisions you must make is whether to go with silicone or saline breast implants. Board certified plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Wigoda, would like to inform you that there are many factors worth considering before making your decision. Each implant has its pros and cons, but the decision is ultimately up to you.

First and foremost, the difference between silicone and saline implants is what goes inside the shell. The breast implant shell is made up of solid silicone.


Saline Implants

are filled with sterile saline or salt water. If the shell of a saline implant ruptures, the solution is absorbed into the body and the implant will deflate. They are surgically inserted while they are empty, and are then filled with the saline solution after the insertion. This gives the plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale the ability to create a relatively small incision site. This also allows the surgeon to increase or decrease breast volume to their discretion in order to achieve symmetry. Saline is available to women ages 18 years and older. If someone is considering a saline implant, it is best if the patient is at least a B cup of natural breast tissue. Saline implants may ripple, which is typically seen on the outer part of the breast. Rippling is more commonly seen in patients who do not have a lot of breast tissue covering the implant. Saline implants also tend to be firmer than silicone gel implants. They are less expensive than silicone implants.

Silicone Implants

were taken off the market at one point in time, but a new generation of silicone was produced and became approved for general use again in the year 2006. These implants are particularly good for women who are going in to the surgery with very little breast tissue. The difference between silicone and saline implants is that silicone gives a person with less fatty tissue a more natural look. This is because the silicone mimics natural breast tissue in terms of feel, more than the saline water does. The gel inside these implants is a thick, gummy-like substance. Plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Wigoda, wants you to know that although these kinds of implants rupture, the ruptures are not easily detected. The gel is designed to hold together and not leak to other parts of the body. However, if a leak occurs, one must get an MRI in order to locate it. The majority of patients, both in Dr. Wigoda’s practice, and around the country, now choose silicone implants over saline implants.


If you are interested in learning more about the difference between silicone and saline breast implants, or the surgery in general, you can visit our resources page. If you wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wigoda, contact us or set up a virtual consult today!

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