Working Out After Liposuction – Everything You Need to Know


There are common misconceptions that the majority of people who undergo liposuction procedures in South Florida are overweight, do not exercise, and are looking for a quick way to lose weight without all the work. However, it is important to note that many patients who receive liposuction are physically active and are looking for a surgical solution to problematic areas that they have not seen results in after exercising for months, perhaps years. Since liposuction is a common plastic surgery procedure in South Florida where millions of people lead active lifestyles, an extremely common question after undergoing liposuction is “how soon can I workout after liposuction?”

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure in the traditional sense of the word. Liposuction, instead, is a procedure that removes smaller fat deposits from specific parts of the body. Dr. Wigoda advises post-liposuction instructions based upon each individual patient’s specific profile, body type, and other factors determined pre and post-op.

The following are common recommendations provided to liposuction patients looking to exercise post-op.


Losing Weight After Liposuction

Both diet and exercise after a liposuction procedure in South Florida are important, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a top priority in order for your results to last.

Fat cells are removed during liposuction and they don’t ever come back. However some fat cells are left and those can grow in size if the person does not maintain their weight. The benefit of liposuction is that, for the most part, you will maintain the optimal shape as long as you maintain your weight.

If you choose to lose additional weight after liposuction, you should follow a scheduled diet and workout routine. Remember that you need to heal before returning to the gym, so listening to Dr. Wigoda’s post-op recovery directions and asking him questions about proper diet is the key to getting the very best liposuction results.


Best Exercises After Liposuction

Dr. Wigoda advises most patients to avoid exercise for two to four weeks after undergoing liposuction. When a patient is ready to return to their normal exercise routine, Dr. Wigoda recommends that whatever form of exercise you enjoy, that you start off slowly.

If you are a vigilant exerciser, you may be anxious to return to the gym after getting liposuction in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. If that’s the case, then the safest course of action is to stick to weight lifting after liposuction and slowly ease yourself back into your routine. When you exercise after liposuction, it is vital to start the routine at a lower intensity than you were previously performing. Lower your reps and the weight for the time being, allowing your body to heal properly.


Healing After Surgery

It should go without say that you need to heal and heal well after liposuction. Make sure that you are getting enough rest, eating healthy, drinking lots of water and that you are following the instructions that Dr. Wigoda has given you. Healing is the most important part of your liposuction procedure, more important than working out after liposuction, so make sure that you are taking enough time to recover.

It is important to have realistic expectations after surgery. Some liposuction recipients may feel the need to consistently weigh and measure themselves after surgery, but this may lead to frustration or disappointment. In the weeks after liposuction, a patient often weighs more because they are retaining a lot of water. Dr. Wigoda recommends that all liposuction patients remain calm and relaxed during the recovery time period. Jumping into exercise could hurt the healing process, and immediate exercise should not be a priority over proper recovery and recovery safety.

For more information, contact Dr. Wigoda and schedule a free consultation.

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